CCS M2 Components

  1. RFID Cabinets for Medical Devices and Implants
  2. RFID Tagmatching Stations
  3. RFID Medical Device Tags
  4. RFID SAP Business One
Medical RFID Cabinet M2/2
RFID Tagmatching Station
RFID SAP Business One
RFID Medical Device Tags

CCS M2 Benefits

Automatic online real-time item-wise medical implant and device (consignment-) stock and consumption capture per cabinet

High density product storage with fast 100% reading accuracy in cabinets

Automated planning and replenishment processes for optimum product availability in cabinets for hospitals and clinics with SAP Business One

Synchronized scanning of barcode / HIBC datamatrix code from medical device secondary packaging and UID from chip in attached RFID tag

Real-time expiry date structure per cabinet

Serial no. and UID location across cabinet network to support product call-backs

More Features

  • Free configurable alert functionality for workflow management
  • FIFO planning for cabinet outbound according to surgery schedules
  • Various cabinet formats with flexible and free configurable shelving
  • Local mobile data access per cabinet
  • UDI
  • Optional interface to HIS systems for real-time billing and automated documentation
  • No customer network access required to get started due to dedicated M2M solution
  • Through powerful SAP HANA database, easy processing of information flow from large cabinet networks